Wynnewood Train Station
Commissioner Rogan at Cynwyd Heritage Trail Ribbon Cutting ceremony

Commissioner Rogan at Cynwyd Heritage
Trail Ribbon Cutting ceremony

Commisioner Rogan

Commissioner Rogan is currently President, Board of Commissioners and Chair of the Building & Planning Committee.

Commissioner Rogan began her term of office as a Commissioner on January 5, 2004. She moved to Pennsylvania from New York in 1990.

Ms. Rogan graduated with a BA in Biology and Environmental Sciences from SUNY Binghamton. After several years working as a planner for the City of Binghamton, she returned to graduate school and received a MLA from SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry in Landscape Architecture.

Ms. Rogan has lived with her family in Lower Merion since 1999. She is a former Director of Planning and Community Development for Lower Merion and worked for the Township for almost 14 years. She now works as a planning consultant for other communities in the Greater Philadelphia region and serves on the Community Advisory Committee for Strategic Planning for the Lower Merion School District High Schools. Ms. Rogan is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Ms. Rogan and her husband have two sons, Zachary and Max; one is in high school and the other is in college studying Mechanical Engineering (and helping build a 100% solar house in competition with students at other universities).